Cutting Edge Contract Manufacturing Organizations

The Cutting Edge Contract Manufacturing Organizations of Today

A Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) directly supports the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries through providing any necessary outsourced services which might otherwise be either time or budget prohibitive.

When the pharma/biotech industry chooses to align itself with a cutting edge CMO, both the immediate and ongoing advantages include expanding access to industry expertise and industry capabilities which are beneficial in-

  • Accelerating crucial speed-to-market schedule
  • Expanding in-house skills pool
  • Reducing overall project risk
  • Cutting budget costs/expansion  

Among the more specific services leading CMOs can and do provide are-

  • Both clinical and commercial manufacturing
  • Seamless tech transfers
  • Comprehensive aseptic fill/finish and analytical testing

As another standard example, industry leading pharmaceutical CMOs are typically contracted to manufacture the necessary amount of any specific product throughout the complex and costly process of-

  • Preclinical research
  • Clinical trial
  • Market Delivery

Of course every CMO may significantly vary in terms of their specific size, and subsequent capabilities and/or expertise. Many prioritize the reduction of vendors necessary for a company’s specific pipeline or product, and focus on the end-to-end model. For the purposes of this article, we decided to focus on three cutting edge industry leaders who give the finest overall picture of both the present and future of pharmaceutical/biotech CMOs.

Samsung Biologics

An award winning CMO with an extensive industry portfolio, Samsung Biologics boasts its largest single site capacity and most rapid industry throughput as its prime example of their ability to provide the industry’s top level of service. Dedicated to working with all its large roster of partners through the Development-Manufacturing-Laboratory Testing pipeline, Samsung Biologics  has enjoyed proven industry regulatory approval from its inception to its current status as industry leader.

In its process phase, Samsung Biologics relies on its innovative manufacturing processes to reliably provide-

  • Cost competitiveness which directly benefits clients and patient access to life-saving drugs
  • One-stop, fully integrated services that balance speed and quality
  • Client satisfaction through GMP practices and regulatory support

In addition, Samsung Biologics remains dedicated to their core mission , “to become the most trusted partner to our clients working together to achieve “Better Life” for humanity through biomedicines.”

Avid Bioservices

Established in 2003, Avid Bioservices has continued to expand its industry reach as well as its regulatory excellence. Their client-centric focus is on providing the lifecycle capability to transition smoothly from “concept to commercial success”

AB prides itself on customer service and offers and array of industry services that convey that commitment. These include-

  • Process Development– Including transfer-in, optimization, and scale-up.
  • CGMP Manufacturing-From concept to commercialization
  • Analytical Services– Focused on transferring, developing, qualifying and validating client assays
  • Regulatory and Quality Compliance– A committed industry leader with a proven record.

In addition, Avid Bioservices is also the 2020 CMO Leadership Award winner in the Expertise, Service, Reliability, and Capability categories.


Officially established in 2001 as Recipharm—originally beginning in 1995 as the company, Recip—this sprawling Swedish former pharmaceutical company made the move to outsourcing its pharma/bio services and has rapidly transformed into a CMO/CDMO industry giant. Recipharm has enjoyed significant global industry success and its continual expansion in both number and size of its facilities speaks directly to its industry success.

As their latest example, in February of 2020, the Swedish CDMO nailed down its newest and largest acquisition to date, adding the UK-listed company Consort Medical into its family, effectively making Recipharm one of the largest global CDMOs in overall revenue terms.

In addition to its evident business success, Recipharm has established an industry reputation in its ongoing commitment to sustainability. As part of its corporate core values, the Swedish giant also focuses its vast resources on-

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    Through targeting its ongoing energy consumption and all transportation services—including employee commuting—Recipharm is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions per employeeby 3% annually.
  • Supplier Monitoring and Assessment
    Recipharm maintains the long-term goal of clearly establishing an operational overview which reflects its own Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Internal Governance Development
    This includes developing clear internal processes to positively align with the UN Global Compact, moving forward, in addition to strengthening its guidelines regarding all review,communication and training

The CMO/CDMO Future

Moving forward into 2021, and beyond, it is very safe to say that the future of this growing industry is not only safe but also can be expected to continue its global expansion. The services that these, and many other, CMO/CDMOs provide—and the scale on which they provide it—clearly indicate a healthy industry outlook as well as a healthy market need for their life-saving services.