Air Force One: The Awe-Inspiring Plane That Serves the President


Everyone knows the president of the United States is a very important political figure. There’s always at least a minimal threat for an assassination. For safety reasons, he flies in a special plane called Air Force One. Here are a few interesting facts about this world-class jetliner.

Features a Miniature Hospital
In the event of an emergency situation aboard Air Force One, the staff will have access to a mini-hospital. All of the essentials are available, including the latest operating equipment and quarts of the president’s blood type. Most importantly, an experienced doctor is on every flight.

Ready for War
Flying Air Force One is essentially a military operation. Its various components are tough enough to withstand a nuclear blast from the ground. This war-ready plane can also jam enemy radar, thus making it virtually invisible. An ability to repel airborne missiles makes Air Force One even more special. Armored windows provide an extra barrier of protection. Don’t forget about Air Force One’s extreme velocity. When soaring through the sky at speeds in excess 600 miles-per-hour, even fighter jets have trouble keeping pace.

Mobile Command Center
Even when thousands of feet in the air, the president will be able to address important issues like an attack on the country. Air Force One’s mobile command center features advanced communications technology. There’s even a built-in cargo area for the presidential limo.

Fine Dining
While flying in Air Force One, the president can eat like a king. Two food prep galleys enable the staff to feed up to 100 people at once. From baked lasagna to chicken Caesar wraps, there are literally dozens of delicious entrees to choose from.