OneLogin Details Benefits of Single Sign-On Services


Before the advancement of technology, many businesses kept most of their valuable information in different systems. Employees had to learn how to use various client-side applications. They wasted a lot of time logging into each system individually. In addition, IT specialists had to install and maintain host systems for their clients — a task that proved to be difficult and time-consuming.




OneLogin Sign On

Fortunately, tech has improved a lot, so you do not have to open multiple windows to accomplish one task. Innovative companies like OneLogin have built improved systems known as SSOs (single sign-ons). These systems eliminate the need for client-side installation. SSO’s do not require a transfer of info between different login sessions.




Single sign-on services allow users to access multiple applications using a single set of login details. They minimize the steps you need to take to access your business information. When switching from one app to another using SSO, you will not encounter multiple prompts during the same session. Businesses can also use this service to monitor user accounts and record login activities.




How do SSOs work?




These systems use different protocols like SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and Kerberos. SAML facilitates the process of exchanging user authorization and authentication data across different domains. SSO services based on the SAML protocol involve a service provider, an identity provider, and communications between users. Web Single Sign-on services have a dedicated policy server that stores and processes authentication credentials.



Why would businesses need SSO services?




Building a company requires several resources. It is important for entrepreneurs to use their time, money, and physical energy wisely. SSO’s systems allow enterprises to enhance their user experience. The following are more reasons as to why businesses should adopt Single Sign-on services from reputable providers like OneLogin:



Improve customer satisfaction




Most social networking websites and Web 2.0’s utilize SSO to enhance user experience. This is not a coincidence as this technology makes login processes easier for end users. When visiting a website, the homepage will be the first thing you see. It can determine whether you stay on the webpage or move on to other sites offering the same products. Companies, therefore, need to create user-friendly login interfaces that allow clients and staff to communicate with their data systems effectively. A customer’s experience should be great from the very beginning.



Reduce operational costs




Many firms have strict security policies. They require employees and consumers to use strong passwords while using their data systems. Hence, users are forced to create long passwords that contain non-alphanumeric characters, numbers, and both lowercase and uppercase letters. The complexity and length of these passwords make them hard to remember. This problem gets even bigger when users have to access more than five applications.




Statistics show that password requests make up more than 50% of the calls made to support staff. These numbers do not come as a surprise to business owners, as most people have to memorize a long list of passwords that they might end up forgetting. Helpdesk calls can cost your business a lot of money. OneLogin’s SSO service allows support staff to focus on other important queries because they get fewer requests relating to password resets. The SSO minimizes the chances of forgotten passwords, thereby reducing help desk costs.




Boost compliance and security capabilities




SSO systems are underutilized because of the common misconception that they weaken security. Some people argue that a malicious individual can steal one password, which they can use later to access multiple applications. On the contrary, single sign-on services encourage users to create one strong password and keep it confidential.




Improve productivity




Login processes can be time-consuming. There are instances where users recall their passwords but have to double-check whether they have keyed-in the right characters. If the login fails, they call help desks and ask the support staff to help them reset their passwords. These calls can become overwhelming, which can cause customer care to put some requests on hold. OneLogin offers an SSO service that allows users to remember only one password. Businesses should use such a service to minimize login time.




Tighten B2B collaborations




Some companies need to work together to come up with products. These businesses use integrated communication systems to exchange data seamlessly. Many problems arise when users have to log in to multiple applications to access certain pieces of information. A single sign-on system comes with features that allow users to log in once to access shared applications. Faster login processes help businesses to minimize production time and render their services on schedule.




OneLogin offer easy-to-use SSO systems to their customers. Their products are compatible with tablets, smartphones, and desktops. The company prioritizes its client’s security because they understand that business data can be susceptible. OneLogin serves different industries, which include finance, healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing, and HR.