What’s Crawling On You?

If you’ve ever felt like something is crawling on your skin, especially on the face, then you’re probably right. Just about every person has Demodex mites just under the surface of the skin. Sometimes, the mites hide in the hair on the body, such as the eyebrows or eyelashes. These are the same kind of mites that pets have that cause them to bite at their skin.

These mites are small. You usually can’t see them unless you have a microscope. These mites crawl around on the face and sometimes other areas of the body. They eat your dead skin cells and sleep during the day. They are often more active at night. Even though the mites are small, you can sometimes feel when they are crawling around. It feels like an intense itch that begins suddenly and feels like there is a bug crawling on you. The mites are known in every ethnic group and in both males and females. No one is exempt from the mites as they don’t care who you are as long as you have skin, oil to survive on and hair. There isn’t any indication as to how many other types of mites there are that could be crawling over you or that exist in the world, but there are likely thousands.

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