Movie Date Isn’t Always On The 13th

Most people think that “Friday the 13th” is a movie that surrounds Jason Voorhees killing people on this day. The first few movies did take place on Friday the 13th, but after about the third movie, it wasn’t really clear as to whether the killings were on a Friday or not. An example is the third movie. It picks up right after the second movie, which would mean that the day is the 14th instead of the 13th. Jason is still killing people and looking for revenge because the counselors who were supposed to watch him were too busy being teenagers.

Another movie that really doesn’t give an indication as to what day it is would be “Jason Takes Manhattan.” The movie revolves around students who are celebrating their graduation. However, there really isn’t a mention of the day in the movie. Part IV takes place a few days after the third movie, which means it’s not on a Friday. The movie series started off on a Friday the 13th, but the series went off on a tangent with the days of the week and the dates. However, Jason is a killer who puts fear in the minds of viewers, so there probably aren’t many people who care whether he kills on a Friday or not.