Among the World’s Greatest Natural Wonders: The Himalayas

Located in Asia, the Himalayas are among the top natural wonders of the world. This stunning mountain range has always attracted adventure seekers. Here are a few interesting facts about the Himalayas.

They Keeping Getting Taller
The Himalayas already feature the tallest mountain on the planet. Standing at more than 29,000 miles above sea level, Mount Everest is a truly fascinating sight. However, many people don’t realize that the Himalayas continue to grow in size every year. This phenomenon stems from the movement of tectonic plates in the region.

Unique Climate and Geography
This mountain range is known to challenge climbers with its incredibly frigid weather, there are also other climate zones. You’ll find dense jungles at the base level, which have a wet and warm climate.

Exotic Animals
If you’re a wildlife lover, you’ll love a trip to the Himalayas. Snow leopards thrive in the upper elevations. The area’s mountain goats are even more fascinating. Legendary cliff-climbing skills enable these goats to scale the steepest of slopes. Some of the other Himalayan animals include Asiatic black bears, Tibetan yaks, red pandas, and wolves.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery
The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is stunning collection of ancient temples, which rest 3,000 feet above the valley on a rock cliff. To even reach the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, visitors must make a 2.6-mile trek up the Himalayan Mountains. Although mule rides are available, they can’t take you all the way to the top.

Massive Mountain Range
You definitely don’t want to get lost in the Himalayas. This mountain range stretches across a total of six different countries. Experts estimate the Himalayans to cover around 1,500 miles.