The Life Of A Twister

Tornadoes tend to occur more often in the spring and summer as warm and cold fronts interact with each other. The funnels are usually produced from a thunderstorm, but hurricanes can also spawn tornadoes if they reach land. The United States has the highest number of tornadoes compared to other countries. At least one tornado has occurred in each state. Some states are known for the high number of funnels that are seen. These states make up what is called Tornado Alley. Some storms can exceed winds of 300 mph, but tornadoes of this magnitude usually aren’t seen very often. If the winds of a storm reach this speed, they usually occur in states where the land is flat, allowing for the funnel to travel for long periods of time without any interference to break up the vortex. Most tornadoes leave a path that is less than a mile long and less than 2,000 feet wide. Some larger storms can create a path that is a mile across. These storms often level everything that is in sight. When a tornado is over water, it’s called a waterspout. These usually result from tropical storms and hurricanes. A waterspout can get to land and become a tornado if it doesn’t disintegrate.