Walking In A Winter Wonderland

You’ve probably seen snow at some point in your life. Although it might seem too warm to snow in some areas of the country, almost every state has seen at least some kind of snowfall. It’s even snowed in Hawaii, even if it’s only a trace. Miami, as well as southern California, have also seen snow. You might think that it has to be 32 degrees for it to snow, but there have been reports of snow falling at 40 degrees. This is because the air is colder aloft, cooling the air as the snow falls to the ground. In theory, it could snow when the temperature is as warm as 46 degrees, but it usually won’t last long and won’t stick to the ground. Snow is often seen as a liquid, but because it’s made of ice, which is solid, it’s considered a mineral. Most snowflakes are small, but there have been reports of some flakes reaching almost half an inch in diameter. Colorado currently holds the record for the most snow fallen in 24 hours with 75 inches in 1921. Other states that have reported significant amounts of snow in one day include New York, Washington, Vermont, and California.