Adam Milstein’s Dedication to Fighting Antisemitism, Hatred, and Bigotry

Adam Milstein is a businessman turned philanthropist whose mission in life is to erase hatred from the American landscape. After arriving in the United States, Milstein used his skills to become a managing partner in Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company that now reaches from coast to coast across America. This endeavor proved to be lucrative and allows him now to devote most of his time to philanthropy. The organizations he helps fund, set up, and upon whose boards he sits are all dedicated to the same goal: the eradication of antisemitism in our country and around the world.

Dedication to Bi-Partisanship

From the Israeli-American Council to the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Milstein’s work has earned bipartisan support and remains one of the few missions that can cross party lines. Everyone can agree with Milstein’s belief that hate has no home in our country, and that the best way to combat hate is by utilizing out-of-the-box solutions and encouraging collaborations and force multiplications between organizations.

Dedication to Israel at Home and Abroad

Among Milstein’s best works is Stand With Us. Stand With Us is an organization dedicated to fighting antisemitism at home and abroad. Milstein knows and believes that hatred of the Jewish people is not just an American problem, nor is it one to be ignored. Stand With Us is currently active on five continents, countering hatred of Israel and her people however they can. Recent events demonstrated that while Israel is under physical attack by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it’s also under attack in the public domain, especially on social media. The willingness of organizations such as Stand With Us to combat global antisemitism head on is admirable and necessary.

In addition to the obvious strife Israel is facing, the Jewish American community is not without its own worries. Antisemitic crimes have exponentially risen since the recent escalation between Israel and Hamas. This means that the attacks of terrorists overseas have emboldened those who hate the Jewish people to act on their bigotry, causing violence, fear and division.

Who Will Stand With Israel?

With tempers flaring, and war raging, perhaps the biggest question is: Who is on the side of Israel? Who will protect and support a country who just wants to survive and thrive? Who will stand up against hatred when they see it perpetuated on the news and in their schools and communities? The Jewish community can’t fight antisemitism alone. All Americans must unite and recognize that antisemitism is an American problem. The enemies of the Jews are first and utmost the enemies of America and it’s in the interest of America to support the state of Israel and its people.

This is the hate that Milstein and others like him are working to eradicate by creating and supporting networks and coalitions of allies who are willing to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people.

Milstein is Relentless in His Support

No matter the obstacles he faces, Milstein is not going to give up, and the Jewish community is better off with him at their side. His ability and willingness to devote not only money but also his time, experience, and connections to philanthropic organizations that fight Jew-hatred is what sets him apart from other philanthropists. His laser focus and work ethic serve Israel and the Jewish people at home and abroad.

For decades now, Milstein has rolled up his sleeves and worked hard to combat antisemitism. He works hard to defend his people, to see to the success of those who, for so long, have had to fight racism at every turn. He is relentless in his support and genius in his ability to affect change.