5 Little-known Facts About Meghan Markle

After watching the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get married, many people around the world now want to know more about Meghan Markle. The beautiful starlet-turned-duchess has a few interesting secrets, and these are some of them.

She Likes Noam Chomsky

The new royal posted an update on her Instagram account last year urging her followers to read his books. Meghan is a vocal proponent of anti-capitalist movements, and Chomsky is famous for speaking out against capitalism.

Her Name Is Rachel

Although the world knew her only as Meghan Markle until the day of her marriage to Prince Harry, the new royal’s first name is Rachel. Meghan is her middle name.

She Was A Briefcase Girl

Anyone who is familiar with “Deal or No Deal” knows what this means. The show features models who stand next to closed briefcases that each hold a placard with a dollar value, and the models open the cases as contestants choose them.

She Has Famous Ancestors

The new duchess is related to both Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare. Although her relation to Shakespeare is distant, she and Churchill are related through Zachariah Howe of Maryland.

She Owned A Clunker

At one time, Meghan owned an old Ford Explorer that needed some TLC. According to Meghan, she had to climb in through the back to enter the loud vehicle, and she secured its license plate with a bungee cord. However, it got her to auditions, and her stardom eventually led her to her future husband.

The Duchess of Sussex is also good friends with tennis legend Serena Williams. Fans are sure to read more details about the lovely new monarch in the coming months as she assumes her royal duties.

Source: https://www.eonline.com/news/935638/5-fun-facts-we-bet-you-didn-t-know-about-meghan-markle