A Look At Who Is Homeless

When you walk by someone on the street who appears homeless, you might have questions about that person’s situation and what led to not having a home. One of the interesting pieces of information that you might not realize is that the brain tends to process an image of someone who is homeless much like it would an object instead of creating a picture of the person. Japan has internet cafes for homeless youth to live in until they can get a job and live on their own. If they don’t live in the cafe, they can sleep there at night. More than 90 percent of homeless children come from homes without a father, and more than 70 percent of children who drop out of school don’t have a father in the home. Sadly, almost one-quarter of the homeless people in the country are veterans because there isn’t enough financial support for them or mental and emotional support available so that they can live a normal life. Almost half of the veterans who are homeless have a mental illness of some kind that can be diagnosed and treated if doctors took the time to listen and offer the help that they need.