Bill Murray Enjoys Pranking the Public

Groundhog Day, Caddyshack and Stripes are some movies that come to mind when people think of actor Bill Murray. While people know him for his on-screen performances, Murray does not limit his sense of humor to the big screen. For many years, rumors of Murray pulling pranks on random people circulated the tabloids.

Most people assumed that these rumors were untrue, but the widespread use of smartphones and other technologies allowed people to catch him in the act. The pranks were harmless, and they gave everyone involved a good laugh. These pranks highlight his humor and down-to-earth personality, and most people were thrilled to be a part of his jokes.

One of Murray’s favorite pranks was walking up and introducing himself to random people he saw on the street. He would have a short conversation and wish them a good day. The prank would come right before he walked away, telling the people he just met that nobody will believe their story.

The people he met would often ignore his advice and try telling friends and family that they had met the famous actor. As you might suspect, their claims of meeting the actor met plenty of skepticism. Murray later put a twist on his prank to keep it interesting.

For the twist, he would walk into a restaurant, take a seat and order his food. After eating his meal, Murray walked up to random people and stole a few of their French fries.

The French fry thief would get a smile and laugh out of his victims, but he repeated the same line, reminding them that nobody will believe that Bill Murray walked up to them and stole some French fries. When the widespread use of smartphones made his prank obsolete, Murray began taking selfies with random people he met.