A Different View Of The Homeless Population

When you see a homeless person, keep in mind that not everyone who is in that situation is the same. There are some surprising bits of information that most people don’t know about the homeless population that might make you think twice about present views. About 20 percent of the people who are homeless live in California. Add in Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts to get half the homeless population in the country. Unfortunately, at least one of every 50 children will likely be homeless for even a short time. Families try to provide what children need only to lose jobs, and parents fail to provide the care that their children need because they turn to drugs or alcohol, leaving the family without a home. The lack of affordable housing is one of the reasons people end up homeless, not because they are unwilling to work. Dozens of cities in the country have enacted laws against giving food to homeless people. Some states give plane tickets to those who are homeless just to get them out of the state so that they don’t have to deal with the problem. There are homeless people who will commit a crime just to get arrested so that they can go to jail because they know that they will have food and a place to sleep.