Facts You May Not Know About Kobe Bryant

The tragic death of basketball legend Kobe “Mamba” Bryant has sent shockwaves around the world. While there’s no overlooking Kobe’s magical performances on the court, he was more than just an athlete. Here are a few intriguing facts you may not know about this famous figure.

Spent Most of His Early Life in Italy
Although Kobe was born in Philadelphia, he spent much of his early life in Italy. This fact gave him an opportunity to become fluent in the Italian language. While living in the area, he also developed a passion for soccer. If basketball wasn’t his first love, Kobe may have become a professional soccer player.

He Was a Great Student
Despite forgoing college, Kobe had already proved himself a terrific student. In high school, he got good grades and received a high SAT score. This brain power eventually helped Kobe to become a super-smart investor.

He was an Oscar Winner
Kobe Bryant was a person who always sought to challenge himself. After his NBA career was done, he immediately started to work on new undertakings. The short film Dear Basketball, which was executive produced by Kobe, received an Academy Award.

Mamba Sports Academy
Designed to empower the youth through sports, the Mamba Sports Academy was one of Kobe’s biggest achievements. It stresses the importance of maintaining a “Mamba Mentality, which is to never give up in the face of adversity.