A Higher IQ Means More Dreams

Most people dream every occasionally. If you dream several times during the week, it might be because you have a higher IQ than others. A dream is related to the unconscious parts of the brain. When you go to sleep, all the unconscious thoughts that are present in the mind from the day are put together to form dreams. Those who have a higher IQ and tend to process more information than others tend to dream more often because there are more thoughts going through the mind.

Think about dreaming as sorting out all the things that you learn or think about during the day, somewhat like a processing plant. As you learn more and process more information in the mind, that information has to go somewhere. It’s processed in the form of dreams until you can figure out how to use it in your life. Sometimes, dreaming can boost the IQ by a few points because it allows the thoughts in the mind to remain fresh and reach the conscious levels during the day. Some people with a higher IQ are better at remembering the smaller details instead of just the main themes or key notes of the dream.