Keeping The Duggar Name Clean

The Duggar family is known for starring in “20 Kids and Counting,” a reality show that gives viewers a look at what it’s like to be in a family with over a dozen kids. However, there are some details that viewers might not know about the family and some that viewers have seen as odd while they watch the show. Altogether, Michelle has been pregnant for about 12 years of her life. The new home that the family moved into a few years ago has a bedroom for the girls and a bedroom for the boys. There is an alcove in the parent’s bedroom with a crib for new babies in the family to sleep. The family washes about 40 loads of laundry each week and has a systematic way of making sure everyone has access to clothing. There are bins for the girls and boys instead of closets in the bedrooms. The Duggar children are not allowed to wear pants, but some of the older sisters, such as Jill and Jessa, have strayed from this idea and have been seen wearing leggings and dress pants. There is no television allowed in the home, and all of the children are homeschooled.