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Michael Myers Mask Origins

If you’ve ever watched the movie “Halloween,” then you know that Michael Myers is seen wearing his iconic white mask. He has dark eyes and a mouth that doesn’t seem to move. Producers never wanted a mask with any kind of specific details in the first movie. They only wanted the makeup and designs of his face to be neutral and pale without any kind of life to them, giving Michael the blank stare and appearance that one might associate with evil.

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The two men who played Myers in the movie were given a few options. One was that they would wear latex masks that could be purchased at any retail store. While this was a good option because the masks would be readily available, it didn’t sit well with the design team or the actors. Another was a clown mask. The final option won over producers and the rest of the people involved with the movie. The actors would wear a stretched Captain Kirk “Star Trek” mask. The mask had a blank stare that John Carpenter thought would be a hit for the movie. If you pay attention to the mask, you can see that it’s been stretched after initially being designed for William Shatner and that there are a few features of the mask that resemble Shatner’s face.


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