Remembering The Jewish People

On January 27, the world looks back on the events of the Holocaust, an event involving Adolf Hitler and a deadly genocide that took the lives of hundreds of innocent people. Before their deaths, Hitler offered for other countries, including the United States, to take some of the Jewish people. No one wanted to allow them in their countries, so they were killed. Jews weren’t the only ones killed during the Holocaust. Christians were also among those who suffered through gas chambers and execution-style shootings. Roughly 4 million Jews died during this time, making it one of the largest killing events in the world. Almost 3 million Christians who did not agree with the theories and teachings of Hitler were also killed. After their deaths, Hitler wanted to open a museum to showcase the art and culture of the Jewish people. A camera company wanted to help refugees, so Leica hired as many people as possible to work in the company’s factory. Although it was a small number, these people were saved. President Eisenhower made sure that newspapers across the United States covered the story of the Holocaust, fearing that future generations wouldn’t learn about it or wouldn’t believe that the horror took place.