Suffering From A Broken Heart

If you’ve ever experienced the loss of a loved one or been through a life-changing event, then you’ve likely experienced a broken heart. There is a condition called Broken Heart Syndrome. According to Psychology Today, the symptoms mimic a heart attack, and you feel like your heart is breaking soon after the event. This is a common condition in women, especially in those who have been with the same partner for many years and have to say goodbye to that person. Even though the condition is more common in women, it can lead to serious health issues for men. Stress often triggers the syndrome. It’s common for an elderly individual to pass away soon after the death of a partner because of the stress put on the heart from the syndrome. While the syndrome might seem like something that is emergent and needs to be treated right away, there are really no physical ailments that can be corrected. There is no blood clot or hardening of the arteries. However, the shape of the left ventricle can change, resulting in a decrease in the heart muscle without impacting the arteries of the heart. If the stress factors aren’t changed or if you don’t get them under control, then the stress can sometimes lead to high blood pressure, which can then cause a stroke or heart attack.