The Names Of Santa

If you don’t know anything else about Christmas, you should at least know a little about Santa. He’s the jolly man who brings toys to children who have been good and coal to those who have been naughty. He goes by a few more names than Santa Claus depending on where you live in the world. In the United States, he’s known as Santa. If you go to China, then you’ll call him Shengdan Laoren. Those who live in England call him Father Christmas. This is the area of the world where the idea of Santa started, which is why they call him Father Christmas because he would bring the children gifts if they had been good. He wears a long coat and has a long beard, but it’s not the same design as what you see on the modern Santa. Santa’s name in Germany is Christindl. His name means the Christ Child. If you live in France, then you probably know Santa as Pere Noel. No matter what name you call Santa, the idea behind him is the same across the world. Children receive presents as long as they have been good through the year and coal or other items if they have not.