World Record Knitting

Knitting is not just a pastime of little old ladies. As more people, young and old, male and female, take up this creative craft, you might be interested in learning about some real overachievers in the world of knitting. Yes, there are world records for knitting!

David Babcock holds a record for longest piece knitted while running a marathon. While running to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease research, Babcock knit over 4 feet of scarf. He used the finger knitting technique. This makes sense, since running with knitting needles could be hazardous to the knitter and to the other, non-knitting runners in the race. He set his record in the Kansas City Marathon.

Avid knitters enjoy knitting in public (they call this KIP) and getting together in groups to share their individual projects. The record for most people knitting simultaneously is 3,083. The honors belong to the National Federation of Women’s Institutes for organizing this crafty assembly in London.

Another amazing record is the world’s largest knitted tea cozy. This record, of course, was set in the United Kingdom. Where else would one need a tea cozy 11.1 meters in circumference? Squares were knit by nursing home residents in the U.K. and around the world, then assembled into the huge cover.

There are records for size and speed for all types of knitting. Knitting records exist for individual knitters as well as a variety of team projects. Like athletes, knitters strive for excellence and enjoy competing in the pursuit of excellence.