Candy And Halloween

Many people associate Halloween with trick-or-treating. Kids can dress up in a fun costume and go from house to house to fill bags and containers with candy of all kinds. Thanks to a large amount of candy that is given out on Halloween, this is the second most commercial holiday in the year. Candy sales often top $2 billion. The amount doesn’t include all the costumes and decorations that are purchased for Halloween. Most kids have about 11,000 calories in their candy bags. Chocolate accounts for about 90 million pounds of the candy that is sold for Halloween.

There is an estimated $6 billion of Halloween candy, decorations, and other items sold every year. Christmas is the top commercial holiday, but as more people learn about the history of Halloween and enjoy the celebrations that go along with the holiday, it’s becoming a rather popular time of the year. Kids have been trick-or-treating since medieval times. Children from poor families would go from house to house to get candy, which they would then consume because they didn’t have as much to eat in the home as other families. They would also ask for money if candy wasn’t available when they dressed up in costumes.