Different Ending Wanted For “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

One of the movies that instill nightmares in many people is “A Nightmare on Elm Street“. If you’ve seen the first movie, then you know that the ending offers an indication that there will be a sequel. However, Wes Craven didn’t want to leave viewers with any insight as to whether the story would continue or stop with Nancy defeating Freddy. The final scenes involve Nancy getting into a red and green car with her friends. Her mother is yanked back inside the home by Freddy’s hand, and the car drives off down the street of its own power.

The roof of the car has Freddy’s stripes on it, which is a clear indication that there will be another movie in the future because Freddy is still haunting the minds of the teenagers in the town and has control over what happens. Craven hasn’t been a fan of how the first movie ends because it’s not how he wanted to complete the film. There are other people who think that the ending is a bit odd, but it offered a way to expand the movie series. Some of the producers and directors of the film wanted to change the ending, but if it had been changed, then it likely wouldn’t have become the success that it is even today.