Features Of “Halloween” Home

If you’ve ever seen “Halloween”, then you remember the classic horror house where a lot of the activity took place with Michael, his family, and his victims. The original house used in the movie was scheduled to be demolished in 1987. However, the house as moved to South Pasadena. Now, fans can visit the home at just about any time. There are many people who still go by the original location to see if they can take pictures of the home, but they are disappointed when they see that the home is no longer there.

The “Halloween” house has been named a historical landmark because of the attention that it received from the movie. Another reason is that the home was built in 1888, making it a historical house without the movie background. This is the oldest structure in the city. When producers started looking for a home to film in the movie, they came across the original location. The home was abandoned, so it was an ideal setting for the movie. Crews cleaned the home and made it presentable for the movie. Shots of the home appearing run down were images of how the house really was when it was discovered.