Hollywood is Making Blockbusters for Chinese Audiences

With Americans increasingly deciding to stay home and watch more on-demand television and fewer movies, Hollywood film companies have started making movies with a chinese audience in mind. This has actually changed the way movies are made, from casting choices to action sequences.

China has the second-largest box office in the world, and it’s swiftly growing. Thanks to the consistent growth of Chinese movie-goers, it may soon outstrip America as the largest audience for big-budget feature films.

In order to supports its local film industry, China has put an import limit of 34 foreign films per year on its box offices. American filmmakers try to fill up as many of those spaces as they can in order to cash in on the appetites of viewers hungry for big-budget spectacles.

In an effort to appeal to Chinese audiences, Hollywood blockbusters are more frequently casting Asian actors and giving a positive nod to China in their storylines. This is the reason that films like 2015’s The Martian and the Transformers movies highlight China in a heroic light. It’s also why Doctor Strange’s Tibetan mystic character was replaced by Tilda Swinton: Tibetan independence is still a touchy subject in China, and the Chinese government would not have approved of a Tibetan character in that role.