Man Seen On Beach Before Hurricanes

People who live in North and South Carolina have often heard about The Gray Man. The spirit of a man dressed all in gray is said to walk around Pawleys Island in South Carolina right before a hurricane comes ashore or just before the worst weather approaches. Legend has it that the man first appeared in 1822. He has been seen during Hurricane Hugo and during Hurricane Florence.

Most of the time, The Gray Man is seen walking on a pier, but there have been times when he has been seen walking on the beach. If someone sees him, then the legend is that the person’s home will be protected from the storm. The man was traveling to see his fiancee in South Carolina in the 1800s when he was caught in quicksand. He died, and his spirit has been seen ever since when there is a dangerous hurricane about to make landfall. It’s his way of warning the people who don’t evacuate that they need to take cover. People who have seen the man have described him as wearing a long gray coat and gray pants. He also looks like he has long gray hair. Some people think that he could be the spirit of a pirate.