Dating App Tips Whitney Wolfe

Mobile Dating App Optimization Tips, by Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

When it comes to online dating, meeting people is one thing; meeting the right ones is another. Widely accepted as an effective way to meet potential romantic partners, internet dating is convenient and, when approached properly, often effective. However, there’s only so much that dating sites and their algorithms can do. The rest is up to the effort that’s put forth by users, and the work that goes into a dating profile or bio is of the utmost importance.

Due in part to dating site and app companies’ big promises, it’s easy to feel like merely showing up is enough. In reality, though, the quality of your dating profile can make or break your prospects. In interviews that are widely available around the internet, Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO of Bumble, a popular dating app, has said it again and again: If you want results, you need to put serious effort into what you put out there.

10 Surefire Ways to Effectively Optimize Your Online Dating Profile

The available options when optimizing a dating profile largely depend on the dating app or site that’s being used. On a site like, for example, you get plenty of space to express yourself. On apps like Tinder, on the other hand, you’re given barely more room than what’s allotted on Twitter. Regardless, you have to work with what you have. While you’re at it, keep these 10 tips in mind:

  1. Never skip the bio – Sure, your photos are amazing and actually go a long way toward conveying who you are. No matter; without completing your bio or profile, you’re shooting in the dark. To find the right people, you have to give them something to go on.
  2. Share photos where you’re facing the camera – Most people believe they have a “good side.” Unfortunately, some take it too far and end up sharing photo after photo of them not quite directly facing the camera. This makes it tougher for people to real tell what you look like, and it might even suggest that you have something to hide.
  3. Be positive – There are times and places for sarcasm and self-deprecating humor; dating sites aren’t among them. People who are seriously looking for dating partners are generally on edge and pessimistic to begin with. Negativity will scare them away for sure. You don’t have to be unerringly bubbly, but at least try to put forth an overall vibe of positivity.
  4. Be smiling in your photos – There’s really no excuse for sharing photos of yourself where you’re doing anything other than smiling. If you must share a photo where you aren’t, limit it to just one. People sometimes think that they look better when they don’t smile, but the point here is to be approachable, so always crack a grin.
  5. Be a little quirky–but don’t overdo it – As Whitney Wolfe can attest, dating advice articles often urge people to be offbeat in their dating profiles to stand out. First, if this isn’t your natural tendency, don’t do it. Second, a dash or two of quirkiness is great, but anything more than that will likely irritate most people.
  6. Be honest about yourself – No one knows you better than, well, you. Awkward though it may be to describe yourself to the internet at large, it’s something that must be done. If you’re going to do it, be honest. Let your profile reflect your true personality and tastes. Presumably, you are on the site to find like-minded or compatible people. If you create a false persona on your dating profile, you won’t attract the right people–period.
  7. Let your friends critique your profile – Just because you’re satisfied with your dating profile doesn’t mean it will actually get results. It’s crucial to get an impartial person to take a look and provide honest feedback. If possible, ask people who might conceivably be interested in dating someone with your characteristics to check it out. The feedback will be much more valuable.
  8. Avoid the worst dating profile faux pas – Just as there are things that you should do when optimizing a dating profile, there are things that you absolutely shouldn’t. These include selfies, which should be used sparingly if at all; group photos, which lead to confusion; and the dreaded duckface, which is almost universally derided at this point.
  9. Give them something to talk about – If it makes sense to given the format, try to include a question or something else that might prompt conversation. Including a funny story or two is also a great way to get the ball rolling on a fun conversation.
  10. Be forthcoming – Finally, don’t fall into the trap of covering up anything that will be immediately apparent to whomever you meet. Nobody likes being catfished, so be sure to include current, accurate photos of yourself. If you include info about your height, education or other personal attributes, be honest.

Even though she only founded Bumble in 2015, Whitney Wolfe already has major expansion plans in store for her wildly successful venture. At the age of just 27, her fortunes have soared right along with Bumble’s over the last handful of years. After co-founding another dating app, Whitney Wolfe had the insights and experience that were needed to develop something truly different.

Enter Bumble. The brainchild of both Whitney Wolfe and Andrey Andreev, CEO of European dating site Badoo, Bumble distinguishes itself by being developed with women in mind. In fact, female users always “make the first move,” so they have much more control over whom they interact with. Already, the app is responsible for more than 800 million matches and more than 10 billion swipes per month. As for those expansion plans, Whitney Wolfe and her team are developing Bumble BFF, an app for finding platonic female friends; Bumble Bizz, a networking app; and a dating app for the LGBTQ population.

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