Movie From A Board Game

A simple movie with a fun and mysterious theme is “Clue.” The movie is about a group of people who met for dinner and try to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy. One thing that you might not know about the movie is that it’s based on a board game. Producers and directors of the movie wanted to get the film to match as closely as possible with the game, using the same names of the characters, the rooms, and the colors. Some people think that the game was made after the movie release, but it’s the opposite way around. The floors in the mansion in the movie look like the floors on the board game. There are passages on the board game that are also in the movie. The rooms are the same rooms that are connected in the movie as they are on the board. Some of the same details on the board game are featured in the movie, such as the plants in the conservatory, the dining table, and the fireplace. The names of the characters in the movie match the colored pieces of the board game, such as red for Miss Scarlet and white for Miss White.

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