Surprising Details About “Roseanne”

The popular television show “Roseanne” is making a comeback in March 2018. Before watching the new episodes, there are a few interesting facts about the show that you might want to be aware of so that you can follow the story. The show was supposed to be called “Life and Stuff,” but Roseanne wanted the show to be named after her since she was the main character. There was a different child who played DJ in the pilot. A writer’s strike took too long to settle, and by the time the show picked back up, the actor had grown too much to coincide with DJ’s age in the show. Lecy Goranson was asked to leave her hair long, but she wanted to cut it instead. Roseanne thought that she should be able to do what she wanted, so she cut Lecy’s hair herself. David’s name was changed on the show by Darlene. His name was actually Kevin when he was first introduced, but Darlene started calling him David. John Goodman was the only person who read for the part of Dan Connor. He had a chemistry with Roseanne that sealed the deal shortly after the pair read the script for the pilot episode.