The Unsinkable Ship

Most people know that the Titanic was a large ship that wasn’t supposed to sink. Unfortunately, the ship hit an iceberg in the middle of the ocean and sunk to the ocean floor only a few days after it set sail for the United States. A drill was supposed to take place on the ship the day that it sunk so that everyone would know how to use the lifeboats. The captain canceled the drill. The musicians on board Titanic played while the passengers boarded the lifeboats and tried to swim to safety. None of them survived. Milton Hershey had a ticket to board the ship, but he decided not to go shortly before the ship left the port. Over 75 pages in the “New York Times” covered the story of Titanic and its demise. Some newspapers reported that Titanic sank but that no one died. A few ships were nearby when Titanic issued distress calls, but none of the ships turned back to offer help for the people who were in the water. Only a few of the lifeboats returned to get survivors from the water. The boats were not filled, which meant that more people could have survived if the passengers would have known how to properly board them.