Tracking Santa

Christmas and Santa Claus go together for many people like peanut butter and jelly. The holiday isn’t the same without the jolly old man in the red suit. Santa is known as Saint Nicholas in Germany and other areas of Europe. The idea started in the 4th century. He was originally a Christian Bishop. Saint Nicholas was revered as humble and a kind person who delivered gifts to the poor people in Europe and children. This is how Santa delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve came about. Stories claim that he lives in a large home at the North Pole. A group of more than 14,000 people dressed up like Santa Claus in Porto City, Portugal on December 14, 2010. They now hold the world record for the most people at one time dressed as the jolly man. Children who want to write a letter to Santa can send one to the United States Post Office, and the post office will send the letters to Santa. Children who write him will receive a letter back. Children can also track where Santa is located on Christmas Eve using NORAD or CONAD. These online sites dedicated hours of their time each year to track Santa and his sleigh for children.