How Relish is Making Couples Therapy Affordable, Convenient and Meaningful

For relationships that are going through challenging times or whose participants are considering a breakup, couples therapy is often suggested as a way of tackling their problems. One of the barriers to seeking out traditional couples therapy is the cost — and for good reason. 

Couples Therapy Costs

In spite of the effectiveness of couples therapy, many of the health insurance plans available today pay very little or nothing toward the cost of couples therapy. This leaves couples — many who are likely already struggling financially to some degree — with footing an additional weekly or biweekly bill in an attempt to save their relationship.

Childcare Costs 

There are also costs that aren’t strictly monetary in nature. For example, for couples with children and no free childcare readily available, they must incur additional costs for safe and reliable childcare in order to devote all their attention to their therapy sessions.

Scheduling Snafus 

Another cost that is also not monetary — but just as important for today’s busy couples — is trying to sync their schedules so that they are each available at the same time that the therapist has an open therapy session. Juggling demanding work schedules, as well as family responsibilities, can add additional stress to a relationship that is already struggling. 

Emotional Costs

There are many people who are simply not able to open up emotionally with a stranger — even when that stranger is a non-judgemental therapist. The issues that are at the root of the couples’ problems are often difficult to talk about with the other person involved. Adding in an additional person often isn’t conducive to open communication. 

Relish: The Solution for Today’s Couples Therapy Challenges

Designed to meet the challenges that today’s busy couples, Relish is an app that offers an affordable solution to the often-prohibitive cost of therapy. Working with a trained therapist, couples can receive engaging and personalized coaching via messages from within the Relish app. 

Relish takes away many of the pressures that couples experience when they attempt couples therapy. There’s no need to juggle busy schedules to meet up in an office somewhere. Relish can be used at any time that is convenient for the couple: relaxing on the couch together, watching the kids play or during a set time frame that best meets their own unique situation. 

The beauty of Relish is that it allows couples to engage in the services of a trained therapist on their own terms. With the affordable monthly subscription fee, assistance is just a few taps away — and at a cost that is far less than seeing a therapist in their office.