Christmas Colors

When you think about the colors associated with Christmas, green, red and gold probably come to mind. There are a few reasons why these colors are considered the traditional ones that are used for everything from ornaments to Christmas cards. Green is often associated with birth and growth. Some people think about the birth of Christ and Christmas, which is where green often comes into play as a traditional color.

Red is thought of as the blood of Christ. Although this is more of an Easter scenario since Jesus was crucified just before Easter, it’s still a color that is thought of for Christ because of his birth and new blood flowing through a body. When you read the Christmas story in the Bible, you hear about a star high in the sky. Gold is a traditional color for many people because of this star as it led the Wise Men to the stable. Gold can also be associated with wealth and the gifts that were given to Jesus. There are many songs that refer to the bright shining star during the Christmas season as well. These are only a few colors that are associated with the holiday with their own special meanings.