Christmas Trees Once Disliked By The Church

You usually see a Christmas tree or two in most homes for the holiday season. The Christmas tree used to be a pagan tradition, and the early church didn’t like the idea of them adorning homes. The members of the church didn’t believe that a decorated tree had anything to do with religion and should be removed from the holiday. Johann Conrad Dannhauer, once a preacher in 1647, thought of the trees as childlike, trying to impress these views on the other members of the church. Christmas trees were receiving more attention than what the church was preaching and the Lord. When the Christmas tree was introduced to the United States, more preachers got on board with the idea that the tree was nothing more than a decorated bobble. However, as more people put trees in their homes and the trend spread across the country, the church decided that it couldn’t overcome the number of people who wanted to decorate with this natural element in their homes. The church has since learned to coexist with the Christmas tree, some churches placing larger trees in the sanctuary as a way to bring beauty to the building for the holidays and as a way to celebrate the star that shown in Bethlehem.