Which is the first country to adopt Christianity?

According to various sources the Christianity was first adopted in Roman Empire, in Armenia, in the USA and even in Iceland.
But let’s find out where exactly the Christianity was first adopted.
The Roman Empire adopted Christianity in 380 by Theodosius I, Russia – in 988, established by St. Vladimir, Iceland – in 1000 BC, and the USA was formed a few hundred years after the Christianity was established. Now…
When Jesus told the disciples to go into all the world, they really did just that. Bartholomew and Thaddeus wound up in Armenia. The evangelization of Armenia climaxed in 301, when St. Gregory the Illuminator converted king Tiridates III (A.D. 238-314), who proclaimed Christianity the state religion of Armenia.Tiridates was the first ruler to officially Christianize his people, his conversion predating the conventional date of Constantine the Great’s personal acceptance of Christianity on behalf of the Eastern Roman Empire.
Throughout their entire history, Armenian Christians have been under almost constant persecution, first by Persians, then Arabs, and then Turks. When Armenia came under the Soviet Union, they were persecuted by the Communists until Gorbachev.
So, comparing the dates of establishment we can clearly see that the first country to adopt Christianity was Armenia. Today Armenians are very proud to be the first Christian nation in the world.