Area 51: One of America’s Most Secret Places

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious places in the country. Only a few lucky people have ever been granted access to this top-secret military base. Here are a few facts you should know about Area 51.

The Myth of Unidentified Flying Objects
For years, people have been reporting UFO sightings near Area 51. In 1955, the military first started testing U-2 planes. These specially engineered planes were capable of flying much higher than the typical aircraft. During this time, many locals were shocked to see a plane hovering at altitudes in excess of 60,000 feet. Aliens traveling from another planet were deemed to be the culprits.

Don’t Try to Get Into Area 51
Trespassers are strictly prohibited at Area 51. The U.S. Air Force will protect this secret sector at all costs. If you’re caught trying to gain entry, expect to be promptly arrested by local police. Furthermore, the armed guards are authorized to use deadly force when necessary. Sensors planted in the soil warn them of a potential invader. Surprisingly, there aren’t any actual fences surrounding Area 51.

Employees Are Flown Into Area 51
Area 51 employees must reach the remote facility via plane. They leave from a restricted terminal at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. National security does not want the employees to remember how they got to the base. To even work on the plane, the flight attendants must gain Top Secret clearance.

Two People Have Died at Area 51
According to court records, two contractors have died at Area 51. They were unfortunately exposed to extremely toxic chemicals. Many other workers have reportedly gotten sick by inhaling poisonous gases known as “London fog”.