Against The Carnival Game Odds

If going to a carnival is in your near future, there are a few interesting things that you should know about the games that are offered. Carnivals often have games for all skill levels. The ones designed for children are usually easy to win, but the prizes are often small, which means that you have to continue playing over and over again until you win something worth taking home. One of the popular games at carnivals is where you have to toss a ball into a bucket without the ball rolling out. While this seems easy enough, it’s rather difficult because the bucket is tilted at an angle so that the ball doesn’t stay in place. Plastic buckets are sometimes used as well. Avoid games with these because the ball will just bounce right out, especially when another ball is thrown inside.

The rings on the ring toss games are usually just large enough to fit over the stand or don’t fit at all. Rings made of plastic tend to bounce off the top of the stand, keeping them from sliding down and keeping you from winning. The balloon dart game doesn’t seem that difficult. However, the darts are dull, and the balloons are under-inflated, making it hard to pop them unless you throw the dart harder than you think you should.

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