Catching A Snowflake

Snow is often pretty while it’s on the ground, but there are a few surprising facts about the frozen liquid that you might not know about. If you were to look at a snowflake up close, then you would see that each one has six sides. Each of the water molecules that make up a snowflake can only be connected in a manner so that there are six sides. You’ll also discover that there are in fact some snowflakes that look the same instead of the myth that each one is different. For some people, snow can be frightening. The condition is called Chionophobia, and people who suffer from this condition usually can’t spend time in the snow and sometimes can’t see snow. If they do, then they become anxious and can sometimes go into a panic attack. You can catch most snowflakes in your mouth. There are a few that wouldn’t be able to fit as one of the largest flakes on record was 15 inches wide. The flake was seen in Montana in 1887 during a snowstorm. Italy is known to have the most snow recorded in one day with 100 inches in just 18 hours. There are several other days when Italy has seen significant amounts as well.