Faces Of The Homeless Population

When you think about the homeless population, there might be a few things that come to mind, such as homeless people being lazy and unwilling to work. There are over half a million people in the United States who are considered homeless. These people usually spend the night in shelters or in vehicles, but many sleep on the streets because there is nowhere else to go when the sun goes down. Children are among the homeless population as well as teenagers and the elderly. The situation doesn’t discriminate against race or gender, and people who were once employed and successful in their careers are homeless. In numbers, one-quarter of the people who are homeless are children. Most school systems try to help families with children in the form of transportation back and forth to school, school supplies that are needed and clothing. Some school systems will give funds to families to stay in a hotel for a week or two to try to get back on their feet. One of the reasons why there are so many children and women homeless is because of domestic violence. They feel that they have to get away from the situation but have nowhere to turn, so they live on the streets.