Getting Santa’s Presents Delivered

Children keep the magic and the love of Santa alive each year. There are some facts that children might not know about the man in the red suit that they can pass along to their children when they are older. Santa delivers all of his presents on Christmas Eve to boys and girls who have been good all year. Santa keeps two different lists that he tracks throughout the year. One is a nice list of boys and girls, and the other is a naughty list. Children on the nice list get toys while those on the naughty list get coal. However, most children end up being on the nice list by Christmas Eve. Most children think that Santa only delivers gifts in one night. In reality, he has almost two days to get everything delivered. It’s day in one part of the world while it’s night in another part, allowing him to visit homes on one half of the world one day and the other half the next. Santa travels through at least three time zones, giving him all the time he needs to get his presents delivered. It also helps that his sleigh travels at the speed of light.