Have Little Green Men Been To Earth?

Instead of focusing on life on earth, some people wonder if there is life on other planets or if there are different types of planets aside from earth. There have been movies made about aliens as well as various theories about whether they exist or not. Common locations where aliens are believed to exist are Mars and on the rings of Saturn. In 1450 B.C., Egyptians saw circular lights in the sky. Drawings depict that the images could be aircraft with other lifeforms. Edgar Mitchell is an astronaut who has walked on the moon six times. He has made claims that there are alien crafts and other lifeforms but that the government is withholding the information from the general public. This is an idea that many other people have tossed around since the government tries to cover up any kind of evidence or theory surrounding aliens any time that it’s released. Alberta has created a landing site for UFOs with flags of Canada, the United States, and other countries as a way to welcome any spacecraft that might want to land. People on space missions, such as Apollo 11, saw unexplained objects flying near them while they were in space. However, NASA has neither denied nor confirmed the incident.

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