Looking To The Night Sky

If you’ve ever looked up to the sky and seen something that just doesn’t look like an ordinary plane, then you might have spotted a UFO. Technically, any object in the sky that isn’t easily identified is considered an Unidentified Flying Object, or UFO, but there are some crafts that have remained unidentified for years. A little over 5 percent of the population has seen a UFO, and about 10 percent of the population knows someone who has seen one. There are claims that no true UFO has entered the atmosphere, but if this were true, then there wouldn’t be so many claims of objects that can’t be explained away. In 1969, a law making it illegal for citizens to have any contact with a UFO or its inhabitants was put in place. This was around the same time as the Roswell investigation. Kenneth Arnold is given credit for the person to see a UFO in 1947 while he was looking at the mountains in Washington state. He was questioned about what he saw, but there hasn’t been a public release of the answers that he gave or what really happened that night when he spotted nine discs flying in the sky at night.