Snow Falling From The Sky

Snowflakes are fun to look at, but there are a few interesting facts that you might not know about them. The flakes that you see in the sky aren’t the only kind of snow. Sleet is a smaller form that is made of more ice, and graupel is often seen during thunderstorms when the air aloft is very cold with the air near the ground warmer, causing the rain from the storm to turn to snow, lingering until right before it reaches the ground. Graupel is often softer than snow, but it doesn’t last long on the ground.

In 1992, Syracuse tried to make snow illegal. It’s one of the snowiest cities in the country, and in order to try to combat it, the city created a decree that made snow illegal. It didn’t work well as it snowed two days following the making of the decree. You’ve probably heard that there are no two snowflakes that look alike. A snowstorm in 1988 in Wisconsin proved that this is a myth as a scientist found two flakes that were identical. When you look at snow, it appears white. It’s actually translucent. Light is only reflected off the surface of the ice crystals, making it appear white.