A Tour Of The Operating Room

The operating room is like none other in the hospital. When you tour the surgical ward, you’ll notice that there are different types of operating rooms depending on the kind of surgery that patients have. Larger rooms are reserved for cardiac cases and those that require more people working at one time. Standard pieces of equipment in operating rooms include the table, lights, and the tools needed to perform the surgery. Operating rooms are kept colder than the rest of the building to keep bacteria to a minimum and to make it comfortable for the doctors and nurses to work since the lights give off a large amount of heat. With all of the noise from the machines and the people in the room talking, the operating room can get loud. Fortunately, you won’t know what’s going on around you because you’ll be asleep during the procedure. Many surgeons enjoy listening to music while operating because it soothes anxiety. Some surgeons will communicate with nurses and other people in the room like they would if they were in an everyday setting. Before surgeons close someone, they sometimes become paranoid about leaving things behind, such as tools or gauze pads that are used during the surgery.