An Act Of Love

While most people enjoy a sexual relationship in order to reproduce, there are several other benefits and interesting facts about the display of affection between two people. It’s an act that can relieve stress for both men and women. It can lower the blood pressure and relax the muscles in the body, making it easier to concentrate a short time after sexual intercourse. Using a lubricant can help men and women achieve a climax faster than if nothing is used. Coconut oil can be used as a lubricant if one isn’t available. The oil is anti-fungal and will last for a longer period of time than other lubricants. The best time to enjoy sexual intercourse and to reach a climax is after exercising. Blood flow to the genital region is stimulated by exercising, which makes the area more sensitive to any kind of touch. When two people are in love or are in a committed relationship with each other, then it makes the act of having sex more meaningful. It can also make the time spent having sex in one session longer because each person focuses on the needs and desires of the other as well as the overall appearance and nature of the other person, making it an enjoyable activity.