Details About Dreams

Dreaming is a natural thing that everyone does. Most people don’t even remember their dreams. About six hours of your life is typically devoted to dreaming. Within the first five minutes of waking up, you’ve likely forgotten most of your dream. If you wake up during REM sleep, then your memory is more active, and you tend to remember your dream better, which is why some people claim to wake up from a deep sleep and feel like the actions in the dream are really taking place.

For most people, there is a way to control dreams. Lucid dreaming is what happens when you begin dreaming at the stage when you’re just drifting off to sleep. You can somewhat control what you see and what happens. If you dream about people, then it’s usually people you’ve already seen or met in real life. You might not know names, but you’ll recognize faces, which is why you might think that someone you see in town looks familiar even though you’ve never spoken to that person before. Your surroundings often indicate whether you dream in black and white or color. Many older people dream in black and white because they have been accustomed to television screens and movies in these shades at an early age.