Energy From A Solar Flare

One of the things that you probably won’t see if you chance to look at the sun is a solar flare. This is a significant amount of energy that is released from the sun at one time. It’s noted by a significant variation in the brightness of the surface of the sun. Magnetic energy continues to build until it reaches a certain point and is released at one time. A solar flare can cause disruptions in communication signals and various types of electronics. One of the things that you might not know about a solar flare is that the energy released is equivalent to millions of 100-megaton atomic bombs.

Another way to look at the energy released is that it’s 10 million times greater than the energy released when a volcano erupts. Sometimes, there are indications that a solar flare will occur. Warnings are sent out so that people can prepare in case there is a disruption in electric signals. As the sun approaches the end of its 11-year cycle, the chance of solar flares occurring increases. A solar flare extends from the corona of the sun or the outermost layer. If the energy were closer to the earth, then it would likely destroy the planet in mere seconds.