Enhance The Memory By Writing

Most people use a phone or a computer to send messages or contact people instead of writing. There is a good reason why you want to write things down instead of typing them. If you write, it helps to enhance your memory. When you’re taking notes on paper, you probably tend to remember what you learn better than if you record what someone says or if you type what is being said.

There has been research done at Indiana University to show that if you want to remember something the best way, you should take handwritten notes. There are various cognitive skills and movements between the hand and the paper that help to enhance the memory of what you’re writing. You listen better to what is being said so that you can write it down instead of relying on a computer as a backup for research if you don’t take down all the notes that you learn. A computer will also help with the spelling of words where taking notes usually leads to making sure the words are spelled correctly so that you understand what you wrote. The entire process means that you retain what you learn more than if you were to take notes or send a message in a different format.