Ghostly Persuasion

If you are a believer in ghosts, then you probably know that they are often spirits with unfinished business or spirits of people who don’t realize that they have died. Most ghost activity takes place at night because there is more electrical energy available for them to use to make themselves known. Pets and children tend to be aware of ghosts more than adults. Some children will talk to a ghost as an imaginary friend while pets will sometimes stare at an area of the room without moving. Dogs will sometimes bark at what appears to be nothing when they really sense a presence in the room. If there is a ghost near you, then you will usually notice a drop in the temperature of the room. Ghosts like to get attention. They can sometimes turn lights on and off, walk up and down halls, and leave behind fragrances that they wore when they were alive. When you dream and you feel like you’re being warned about something or being shown something that could happen in the future, it’s usually a ghost of a family member or someone close to you who is trying to prepare you for what to expect.

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