Haunting Images

When you think about a ghost or spirit, you might think about a white sheet or transparent figure or a figure that is distorted and frightening. Most spirits keep their human appearance. They are usually spirits because they haven’t completed the missions or the work that they were supposed to do in their life or aren’t ready to leave behind their loved ones. Between midnight and three in the morning are the times when spirits are the most active. You’ll probably detect that a spirit is in the home when there is no one else there or when the environment is the quietest, which is often in the evening or at night. You can sometimes see spirits in the form of orbs or wisps of light. If there is enough energy present, then the spirit can sometimes appear in human form for a short time. A residual haunting is the most common. This is when the spirit will perform the same action over and over again. The action is often one of the last things that the spirit did before dying or a favorite activity of the person who died. While most spirits are trapped between one world and another, there are some that simply don’t want to leave and want to stay with family members or in the same home or specific location.

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